Testimonials (OLD)

The academic success of our students is the top priority.

Jin’s tutoring was extremely helpful! I only had about a month to raise my math score from a 600 to 690 (for a scholarship, I’m a senior) and he exceeded my expectations. I got a 700 on my SAT, as well as my scholarship! You get right down to business and the concepts are clearly explained. He knows what he’s doing, and he does it well. I highly recommend Jin’s SAT tutoring.”

Abigail Kathleen


When I took the PSAT, I was worried about my test taking skills and not being able to complete the test within its time constraints. However, after tutoring with Mr. Jin, I can now say that I am confident of my abilities. All the credit goes to Mr. Jin and his staff. Every tutoring session you have with Mr. Jin is catered for you and your needs. Mr. Jin makes the effort to get to know you and does what is best for you and your future. He explains the material that you learn with great detail and makes sure that you understand everything that is taught to you. After only 16 weeks of tutoring with him, I was able to achieve a score of 1550 on my first attempt of taking the SAT. Mr. Jin has really helped me grow and attain many goals. He is an absolutely fantastic tutor and is reliable and knowledgeable in his field of work. You will not be disappointed if you choose him.”

Grace Han


Mr. Jin has helped me significantly through his SAT prep. Because of him, I was able to raise my SAT score by 100 points. He is an amazing tutor and never leaves anyone behind. Even though the class is not 1 on 1, it feels like it is because he answers everyone’s questions thoroughly and helps with problems even after the class is over. Mr. Jin is the best tutor I’ve ever had!”

Sofia Lauren


“Jin has done an amazing job with my son. My son lost a lot of opportunities to take the SAT due to Covid-19 and we had a compressed timeline. We tried on-line resources and they just weren’t effective. Jin’s approach was perfect for my son and we saw an immediate 130 point gain on the SAT in 30 days. My son LOVES working with him and is more confident than ever. I’d give him 6-stars if I could. Update: After 8 weeks, we saw a total of 220 points gained including over 700 on math.”

Mike Carballa (Sunlake High)


Jin’s tutoring is truly amazing. Not only does he do well at rigorously preparing students for the Math SAT, but he also communicates with the students and finds tutors in other areas (i.e. SAT English, ACT) that are a perfect match to the students. He provides a variety of options to learn, from 1 on 1 tutoring to group tutoring, and even special sessions over long breaks. I’m extremely thankful for all I’ve learned through Jin and other tutors at Jin’s Math and SAT Tutoring.”

Andrew Kim (Tampa Prep)


Mr. Jin has helped me significantly raise my SAT math score. He is really patient and is good at explaining many math concepts that I originally had trouble with. The reading writing teacher has also helped me raise my reading and writing scores. I am so grateful that I was able to have a wonder teacher like Mr. Jin and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for him.”

Kyeongeun Lee (King IB High)


“As a professional educator, Jin not only helped students improve their SAT score, but also helped them as a good mentor. From the parent’s point of view, I think the Jin’s Math & SAT academy is the best place to improve SAT scores for a short time in Tampa bay area. Above all, Director Jin’s teaching style was very impressive to me. He quickly identified my son’s weaknesses and made up for them in the fastest way to improve his scores. Therefore, I strongly recommend that parents who are interested in improving their children’s SAT scores meet Director Jin.”

Park Min (Wiregrass High)


“Without Jin’s Math and SAT tutoring, I wouldn’t be where I am today! The teachers here are fabulous and want to see you achieve your dream scores. Great communication with everyone there and would definitely recommend to others looking to boost their SAT scores!”

Jason Kim (Sickles High)


“Jin and his staff have excellent methods of teaching there students. He helped raised my son’s SAT scores as he promised he would. I am a very satisfied parent. Thank you Jin!”

Terry Singh


“Mr. Jin improved my SAT math score 60 points in 3 weeks. Highly recommend!”

Frank Micallef (Wharton High)


“Mr. Jin is the best SAT tutor I have ever worked with. He helped raise my score from a 1390 to a 1490 in a fairly short amount of time.”

Jacob Ayoub (Academy at the Lakes)


“Mr. Yoon has the SAT down to a science. He not only helps me learn new concepts but also teaches me new angles and tricks for concepts I already know. He is patient, kind, and accommodating. According to averaging the many math practice tests we have done, my score has been raised almost 100 points from my original math SAT score. His method is so simplistic and effective; anyone can use it to improve. If you want to feel better prepared on both the SAT and in high school or college math courses, go to Mr. Yoon’s SAT tutoring center. I took his zoom classes, but he does it in person as well.”

Hannah F. (Berkeley Prep)


“Mr. Yoon has a fantastic method. He’s taken the SAT and made it into a manageable system so that his students can excel with confidence. He’s rigorous and holds the kids to a very high standard and because of this the payout is great.”

Mia F (HB Plant High)


“Mr. Jin greatly improved my SAT math score. He was extremely patient in every tutoring session I had with him and I would definitely recommend this center to anyone who needs help in improving their SAT scores or even just math skills overall.”

Aish A.


“Mr. Jin has helped me significantly improve my SAT math score. He is very patient and thorough in explaining concepts, and I have learned so much from his classes. The Reading and Writing tutors have also taught me many useful strategies that I could not have learned on my own. The tutors at Mr. Jin’s tutoring center genuinely want their students to succeed and I would recommend his tutoring center anyone seeking to improve their score!”

Annie C.


“Mr. Jin has helped me tremendously with my SAT math. He is the best math tutor I’ve ever had and I learn so much every class. My scores have increased a lot after just a few months of tutoring and I would recommend Mr. Jin to anyone who wants to improve their scores.”

Sophia C.


“My son has had a great connection with his tutors and he has improved significantly at school. Thank you!”

Adetola L.


“Mr. Jin helped me increase my SAT math score tremendously! He was extremely patient with me and I couldn’t have done it without his help. My English tutor, Ms.Brooke was an amazing tutor also. She was really patient with me and I could tell that she genuinely wanted to see me improve. I would definitely recommend Jin’s SAT tutoring to high school students that are willing to put in time and effort.”

Zaynab S.


“Mr. Jin and his staff are friendly and personable! They each are very knowledgeable in their field, took their time to explain details, and were very thorough in each of the subject areas my son took with them.”

Sean F.


“My son took 12 weeks of SAT course at Jin’s Math and SAT in his senior year of late 2019. He asked for it realizing he really needed help to improve his score. Mr. Jin is amazing and fantastic in his knowledge in his field. Appreciated the fact that anytime I contacted him he was prompt to respond. My son really appreciated his full knowledge on his teaching, firm expectations on students, and his consistency in following through on them. We couldn’t do it without you, Mr. Jin!!!
Thank you so much for your help and looking forward to sending my daughter in the near future.”

Jessica L.


“I only have positive words for this tutoring center. Mr. Jin has helped me not only learn fundamental math topics on the SAT, but also test strategies to maximize my score. He provides a fun course that is beneficial to all students, regardless of their stage in SAT prep. The other teachers that specialize in English and Reading have also taught me tactics for the test that I would not have been able to learn on my own. I recommend this tutoring center to anyone who wants to raise their score to a competitive level!”

Jennifer B. (Wiregrass Ranch High, Class of 2020)


“My experience at Mr. Jin’s has been great. I got tutored regularly for two years and his classes have not only raised my scores to a very competitive level, but also taught me to be a dedicated and active student. I would recommend Mr. Jin to any student who is seeking to improve their test scores and study habits.”

Ashley C. (HB Plant High, Class of 2019)


“I was definitely not a good test taker even with some other tutoring experiences, scoring a really low PSAT score in both my freshman and sophomore years. However, after I started going to the Jin’s Math and SAT tutoring center, I gained many experiences and confidence with Mr. Yoon’s care. With his extra cares and flourishing materials, I was able to raise my SAT score by 530! I do not think I could have received this score without them.”

Peter R. (Freedom High, Class of 2019)


“The best SAT and math tutoring center I’ve been to. Before I started going to Jin’s SAT tutoring center, my SAT score was horrible. I’m so glad and lucky to find this center in my life! Mr. Jin, who was my math tutor really improved my SAT math score. I got 790 out of 800 on my SAT math which is incredibly amazing!! I’m still thankful for him for that. I know I wouldn’t be able to get that high score by myself. The way he teaches kids was so good and easy to follow. All the other teachers are so nice and sweet. They really know how to teach and are the best teachers. I remember how I was embarrassed to tell people about my SAT score, but now I’m so proud to tell people about my SAT score. I 100% recommend this tutoring center if you are struggling and unhappy about your SAT score.”

May L. (Sickles High, Class of 2020)


“I needed to raise my score in SAT math significantly. My mom was referred to Mr. Jin for tutoring. Before tutoring, my score was a 560 and after tutoring with Mr. Jin, my score was raised to a 700! My parents and I are so happy and I am now qualified for an academic scholarship!”

Sydney H. (Wharton High, Class of 2019)


“Thank you Mr. Jin for helping me achieve way more than I thought I was capable of! My math score increased by 140 points after tutoring! I would not have been able to accomplish that by myself. The sessions and materials helped me stay focused on task. Mr. Jin is very good at being thorough when explaining questions and making sure you understand the concept. I felt well prepared on testing day, and the hard work paid off!! I scored enough to qualify for the bright future scholarship, and I’m very grateful for Mr. Jin’s tutoring! Thank you again!”

Christina W. (Freedom High, Class of 2019)


“It is obviously paying off! We are extremely happy with the results and really appreciate all your hard work with Victoria. She’s already been accepted to two colleges, and one of them will give her a merit scholarship. Thank you Jin!”

Ms. Lesley B. (Mom of Victoria, Wharton High, Class of 2019)


“Can’t thank you enough. We are spreading the word. Thanks again!”

Ms. Denys H. (Mom of Sydney, Wharton High, Class of 2019)


“Mr. Jin was amazing, pushing me to work hard and really improving my SAT math score. After the sessions with Mr. Jin, I was able to better understand all of the concepts and raise my math score by 90 points! I recommend everyone to work with him and know it’s well worth the time and cost.”

Matthew K. (Wharton High, Class of 2019)


“Jin is a very good tutor who helped me understand how to solve problems on SAT. He also is very invested in each of his students and cares about how they do.”

Andy I. (Wharton High, Class of 2019)


“Jin, your math teaching was really good. We are very happy with that.”

Dr. Nupam M. (Dad of Urvashi, King High IB, Class of 2019)


“I started getting SAT help from Jin around my junior year of high school. At first it was just another dreadful tutoring session but, as SAT tests went by, I soon became to see the results. My math score went up from a 560 to a 710, and my English score went from a 590 to a 690. I started off my senior year with a score I was content with, a super score of a 1400! Jin and my English tutor, Kat, helped me immensely with explaining hard topics in the SAT that I struggled with. They helped me review constantly so I knew how the SAT was structured, and I had a feel for the test so I would be prepared for the real exam. Jin not only does a great job at tutoring his students, he genuinely cares for them. He makes sure you are doing well in school, outside of the SAT prep. He will help you with any school homework you are struggling with, you never know what you might be learning in school could show up on the SAT. You will never be tutored better, Jin and his team can help so much!”

Erica H. (Wharton High, Class of 2018, FSU)


“Before I went to Mr.Jin for SAT tutoring, both my reading and writing scores were extremely low. I was recommended by many friends and family to see Mr.Jin! During my summer before senior year, I spent 2 months at his summer SAT program. It was incredible. We consistently took many practice tests and always reviewed each question step by step and I was able to find and fix all of my common mistakes. My reading increased by 50 points and my math increased 100 points!! I also met so many new friends who were on the same boat as I was!! Mr.Jin is truly an amazing teacher and I admire his patience and ability to make his academy feel like home. My parents and I were extremely satisfied with the results and now I qualify for many scholarships and received the Florida academic scholar award!!

Ashley S. (Braulio Alonso High, Class of 2018, FSU)


“Jin’s SAT Prep truly gave me the best-quality classes and materials to ace the exam. For English, Math, and Essay categories, my scores have increased significantly and allowed me to gain a step closer to qualifying in higher, more elite schools in the country. Before coming to Jin’ SAT Prep classes, I lacked not only the knowledge, but also the confidence in facing the exam. I felt unprepared in the past, doubting myself throughout the entire test. However, the classes I attended prepared me exactly for what I should expect. Math and English grammar/writing were revisited in various levels that heavily solidified the core foundations of the SAT. Additionally, more complex and difficult questions were frequently reviewed, increasing my ability to comprehend and tackle high-end, challenging questions. I’m truly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend these classes since the teachers were very kind, caring, and dedicated to the students. As mentioned, my scores increased significantly, all thanks to the SAT prep I received. I would recommend the Jin’ SAT Prep to everyone.”

Dongwoo K. (Robinson High IB High, Class of 2019)


“I am glad to have such a great math teacher back in high school. I would not be able to attend college with all the scholarships, if I didn’t meet Mr. Yoon. I can tell that he is very passionate about teaching because I have never felt that he was unprepared for his classes throughout the years. Mr. Yoon not only taught me how to solve the math problems but also guided me to the right path. I greatly appreciate him.”

Eric L. (USF College of Nursing, Full Scholarship)


“Out of all the math tutors I’ve encountered, Mr. Yoon has been the best math tutor I’ve ever met. He has not only helped me ace classes for school, but has also helped me increase my SAT score for an acceptance into college. His patience and passion has helped me score higher on tests and the SAT, and has boosted my confidence in math in general. Mr. Yoon’s endless knowledge and his constant dedication in his tutoring classes show that he genuinely cares for all of his students and shows promising success in each student.”

Dajung K. (Emory University)


“Before I took lessons from Mr. Yoon, I had never believed that I could excel in subjects I did not fell confident in. I had a lot of test anxiety and I had accepted the fact that the talents I had not been born with, I would never achieve. However, Mr. Yoon was incredibly patient, kind, and skilled as he guided me and helped me work through my areas of academic weakness. I never felt pressured with him, and as he helped me solidify my knowledge; he also helped build my confidence. When I sat for my SAT Math 2 test, I felt ready and received a fantastic score. I would recommend him to anyone looking for extra guidance in their journey.”

Sunmi J. (UCF College of Medicine)


“As a student under the guidance of Mr. Yoon, I’ve been able to further my understanding of advanced topics and commit myself to preparing for standardized tests. Subsequently, I have gained more confidence in my abilities and increased my performance on these exams. Mr. Yoon is an exceptional teacher who encourages his students to push themselves and succeed.”

Grace P. (University of Chicago)

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